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Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) – Supporting Documents

You have been re-directed to this page from the HDR Innovation Gateway as there are a number of additional documents you need to complete and upload in the file upload section of your Data Access Request form.

1. Signature Template

All applications to HSCNI need to be signed by the Chief Investigator and Responsible Organisation.

Usually the Chief Investigator is the person and organisation that will be signing contracts/ agreements, and whose name will be published by the HBS as requesting data.

HSCNI also requires applicants to provide an appropriate signature from their organisation to confirm it supports the project and are aware of its responsibility with regards data as research sponsor according to the UK Research Governance Framework:


2. Variable Template

This template should be used to list the individual variables required for your project.  Metadata for the datasets can be found on the HDR Innovation Gateway or the Honest Broker Service website