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Northern Ireland Digital Identity Service

The Northern Ireland Digital Identity Service (NIDIS) will replace two legacy systems and help us correctly identify patients across all Health and Social Care systems. The new solution is aimed at improving healthcare services for patients and assist in the sharing of medical records in a much more efficient and secure way.

This new software will enable more accurate matching and sharing of patient records and will build upon the Health and Care Number record already in use.  NIDIS will not only help us to deliver better care now but also in the future as we build up data about our population and how we treat them.  The new system will also improve the efficiency of back-office operations when patients move between GPs, and it will remove the need for many paper-based processes.

NIDIS will consolidate, simplify, and improve how patient identity is managed and shared throughout.  The main benefit of having a Digital Identity for each patient is to uniquely identify each service user and therefore, improve patient safety by reducing errors that might happen, such as ensuring patients receive the correct medication, vaccinations, and treatment.

The successful Go-live of Phase 1 at the end of 2023,  saw the NIDIS service take on responsibility for communicating patient demographics and HCN numbers to downstream systems. This has allowed the Programme to focus on the next phase of work for 2024.