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Fair Processing Notice


The Business Services Organisation (BSO) maintains a list of patients registered with a GP in Northern Ireland. The BSO must verify the information on this list to prevent or detect crime, including fraud, protect public funds and to ensure the information it holds is accurate and up to date.

To verify our information, we look at the details we hold against details held by other external organisations using specialist ‘NHS Eligibility’ software. This approach is used to:

  • Check the information provided to us is correct;
  • Check the information provided to us matches with information held by other service providers;
  • Identify when a person’s details may have been changed;
  • Eliminate individuals from further enquires if the results show they reside in Northern Ireland

We may also make enquires from the Northern Ireland Audit Office to verify residency in Northern Ireland,

What we will share is:

  • Your name;
  • Your date of birth; and
  • Your address

Referred to in this document as ‘your information’.

The ‘NHS Eligibility’ software will match your information against records held by other organisations that provide every day services such as:

  • Voter registration;
  • Mobile phone providers;
  • Banking Services;
  • Credit Providers

N.B. The BSO WILL NOT receive any details about your activity with these organisations, just a confidence score, indicating if there has been a match of your information.

If your confidence score does not show you are engaging with other organisations in Northern Ireland using the same details that we hold, we will ask you to provide acceptable documentation to show you are residing in Northern Ireland.

The BSO may also share your information and additional information with other agencies such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Department of Communities and the Department of Social Protection in the Republic of Ireland, for further checking, if required.

After our enquires, if we are not satisfied that you are entitled to publicly funded health care in Northern Ireland your name will be removed from the GP register and you may be required to pay for any further Health and Social Care (HSC) treatment you receive.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please telephone 028 95363845 and ask to speak to the verification officer. You can also email your query to or write to the Verification Officer at:

Access to Healthcare
Business Services Organisation
2 Franklin Street
Belfast BT2 8DQ

Click to download the Fair Processing Notice PDF