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EDI information

Dental Professionals – Advantages of EDI

Quicker claim processing – A minimum of 3 weeks faster than paper submissions.

Improved cash flow – On average, Dental EDI claims process three weeks faster than paper claims. This, combined with the elimination of postal delay, means that you will receive your payments much faster if you file your claims electronically.

Reduced postage and paper handling costs.

Quicker rejection handling – Our system has an inbuilt auto-return function. Incorrect claims will be returned by 8am the day after submission.

Security – Information that you send to or receive from the BSO using the EDI service cannot be read by anyone else on the Internet. All patient, treatment and dentist information is automatically encrypted before leaving your Practice Management computer and decrypted on arrival at the BSO. Responses sent from the BSO to your practice are encrypted and decrypted using the same method.

Your information is stored and processed securely at the BSO. No unauthorised person can gain access from the Internet or elsewhere into BSO systems as they are protected by a variety of security and authentication processes. As you would expect for an organisation dealing with this type of information, the BSO buildings also have physical controls to protect against unauthorised entry.

 Please note: When making EDI software changes, all GDPs require new dental list numbers.  To establish these new numbers, the Professional Support Team at BSO  require 4 weeks notice.  The software companies should be aware of this period of notice.

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