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HSCB – Use of Electronic Mail

HSCNI Email Service

BSO ITS recently released a new email application that is hosted on the FPS Dental Secure Web Portal.  The new HSCNI email migrated the older & now defunct legacy email account (@[fpsarea] to a newer, modern email address within the HSCNI domain (

All Dentists that were live on the Dental register and part of the original Dental Portal / Cryptotoken rollout in 2014/15 will have an existing mailbox already created.  Newly registered Dentists will need to check with the eBusiness team to ensure all required documentation has been completed and returned before access can be granted.

The appearance of the login screen for the HSCNI email service has also changed as part of the upgrade. Please see the screenshots below outlining the appearance of the “old” screen and the new login screen.

Old Login Screen
New Login Screen


Login Credentials

Access to the FPPS Dental Payments and HSCNI Email Service applicatuions is via the same login credentials.  However, for the email service only, users must enter a domain prompt before ther username in the Domain\username field.

The screenshot below outlines the differences:


Why do i need HSCNI Email?

From 1 January 2019 the HSCB and BSO will begin to use email as the primary means of communication with GDPs on all relevant matters including Monthly Schedules, other financial information, Drug and Safety alerts, MDSs, changes to GDS Regulations, Monthly News Sheets and details re: training events.

Your HSC email account is personal to you as a dentist and remains the same irrespective of practice or premises.  This will allow you to read, store and retrieve the information quickly and securely. In most instances paper versions will no longer be issued.

Resource Material

Below are links to all currently available guides to aid with the use of the HSCNI Email Service.

Outlook Web User Guide

BSO Use Of Electronic Mail V2.0