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The letting and management of contracts for goods and services is carried out by Procurement and Logistics Service (PaLS) on behalf of the family of Health and Social Care Organisations in NI. Contracts are arranged to optimize value for money for goods and services within the HSCNI, to ensure probity and to minimise resources used in the contracting process. PaLS are required to comply with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 for contracts over a designated monetary threshold. PaLS is also committed to the NI Public Procurement Policy (2002) (as amended) and implements the Procurement Guidance Notes (PGNs) developed by the Procurement Policy Unit in Department of Finance, Construction Procurement Delivery (CPD). These will include principles for under EU threshold procurements.

BSO PaLS also manages the transactional purchasing for HSCNI Organisations which is carried out 100% electronically.

Who procures what category and from where

Procurement and Logistics Service manages the procurement of clinical and non-clinical goods and services, ICT goods and services and social care services.

The procurement services are delivered from 8 geographical sites, covering 12 procurement category sourcing teams. Staff in Sourcing Teams, who look after the letting and management of contracts for specific categories of product or service. In addition, there are 6 operational teams who are dedicated to transactional purchasing for the 16 HSC Organisations.