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Troubleshooting & Minimum Device Specification

Technical Requirements: HSCNI Network / BSO Optometry Portal

To successfully establish a connection to the HSCNI Network / Optometry Portal, your device (PC / Laptop / Tablet) must fulfil three requirements; these are outlined below:

1. Windows-based Operating System

The device must be a Windows-based operating system with all available security releases / patches installed (via Windows Updates).

The currently supported Operating Systems are:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Please contact your own IT support for more information in relation to unsupported Operating Systems.

2. Web Browser

Microsoft Edge is the only officially supported browser.

  • Microsoft officially retired Internet Explorer on 15-June-22.
    • A follow-up security patch was released on 14-February-23 that permanently disabled the browser.
  • All other 3rd party browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) are currently unsupported.
    • The functionality of any Portal-based application may be affected should any be used.

Note: This only applies to independent practices, the larger corporate organisations utilise a different connectivity method with unique requirements.

3. Antivirus Program

An Antivirus program that has been approved by OPSWAT for use with the BSO F5 connectivity software.  A list of all currently supported Antivirus packages can be found by clicking HERE (Updated: November 2023).  Note: This may download a file to your default downloads location.

The antivirus package must:

  • Be fully updated with the latest available virus definitions.
  • Have real-time protection enabled / active.

Additional Software Requirements

Clinical Communications Gateway (CCG) eReferral Installer

Users are advised to contact the FPS eBusiness Team in respect of downloading and installing of CCG Installer application software.