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BSO Dental Portal

New Dental Contracts.

All Dentists, once their NHS contract is active, who wish to connect to the BSO Dental Portal and the use any of the hosted applications, must contact the eBusiness Team to begin the process.

User Agreement documentation is required to be completed and returned.

Accessing the HSCNI Network / Dental Portal

Please ensure you use the correct URL.

During the process to establish a secure connection into the HSCNI Network, the F5 security authentication protocols associated with each URL are unique and have a direct correlation to the functionality of the hosted applications on the BSO Dental Portal

Please ensure you use the correct URL.

FPPS Dental Payments, HSCNI Email and Interpreting Service applications use –

CCG eReferral application use –

Application Functionality

All hosted applications will have inbuilt functionality specific to the application itself rather than the browser used to access it.  Should any Dental contractor have queries or encounter problems, please contact the relevant team for further assistance.

Important Information (Updated: 28th June 2022)

Microsoft’s retirement of their Internet Explorer browser on the 15th June 2022 will have implications for Dental contractors depending on:

  • How the Surgery’s IT department (if any exists) has reacted to the retirement.
    • To mitigate any security risks and / or vulnerability’s from internet-based work to your own network.
  • The LCG area the surgery is located in:
    • CCG eReferral is currently only available within the Belfast LCG
  • The Operating System installed on device (PC / Laptop / Tablet) being used
    • Windows 11 removes the Internet Explorer browser completely

BSO acknowledge that Dentists are independent external contractors.  Therefore, BSO has no responsibility for the IT infrastructure in place within surgeries across the profession.

BSO ITS, at this time, will not prevent connections into the HSCNI Network / Dental Portal that are made from the Internet Explorer browser.

However, connectivity can be established via any windows-based browser.  Microsoft Edge is the recommended alternative to Internet Explorer.

The functionality of the CCG eReferral application is directly affected if it is accessed via a browser other than Internet Explorer.

This is a result of the dependency and relationship the application has with Internet Explorer and the additional software required to be installed.  NHS NSS (National Service Scotland) provide this software and advise it will not be upgraded until Winter 2022/23.

To ensure the continued usage of the CCG eReferral application in such instances whereby Microsoft Edge is now the default browser on your device(s), BSO have developed a workaround to allow the application to function correctly

CCG eReferral user guide to configure the Microsoft Edge browser with IE Mode.

Additional User Guides

Step-by-step guide on how to turn off a feature within Microsoft Edge that, if enabled, automatically forces any old Internet Explorer links to open directly within the Edge browser.

Step-by-step guide on the process to follow to create two Internet Explorer desktop shortcuts specific for the each URL mentioned above.