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BSO Pharmacy Portal

Accessing the HSCNI Network / Pharmacy Portal

Documentation Requirements:

All User Agreement documentation is required to be completed and returned before a pharmacy is granted the ability to access the HSCNI Network / Pharmacy Portal.

  • BSO Pharmaceutical Portal User Agreement (Ver 2.0)
  • Keyfob User Agreement
    • Cryptocard Authentication Token, User Agreement (Ver. 1.4)
    • SafeNet OTP eToken, User Agreement (Ver. 1.0)

The FPS eBusiness team will contact the pharmacy directly to facilitate connectivity.

Technical Requirements: HSCNI Network / BSO Pharmacy Portal

BSO acknowledge that Pharmacy’s are independent external contractors.  Therefore, BSO has no responsibility for the IT infrastructure in place within pharmacies across the profession.

To successfully establish a connection to the HSCNI Network / Pharmacy Portal, your device (PC / Laptop / Tablet) must fulfil three requirements; these are outlined below:

1. Windows-based Operating System

The device must be a Windows-based operating system with all available security releases / patches installed (via Windows Updates).

The currently supported Operating Systems are:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Please contact your own IT support for more information in relation to unsupported Operating Systems.

2. Web Browser

Microsoft Edge is the only officially supported browser.

  • Microsoft officially retired Internet Explorer on 15-June-22.
    • A follow-up security patch was released on 14-February-23 that permanently disabled the browser.
  • All other 3rd party browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) are currently unsupported.
    • The functionality of any Portal-based application may be affected should any be used.

3. Antivirus Program

An Antivirus program that has been approved by OPSWAT for use with the BSO F5 connectivity software.  A list of all currently supported Antivirus packages can be found by clicking HERE (Updated: November 2023).  Note: This may download a file to your default downloads location.

The antivirus package must:

  • Be fully updated with the latest available virus definitions.
  • Have real-time protection enabled / active.

Connectivity / Log In Process

To connect to the HSCNI Network and access to the Pharmacy Portal all pharmacies must have:

  • Returned all User Agreement documentation
  • Been issued a Keyfob device (Cryptocard / eToken)
  • Had a device (PC / Laptop / Tablet) configured with the required software
  • Been provided their unique log in details.

Website to begin the connection process:

Contact / Support

Please contact the FPS eBusiness team for any further advice or assistance regarding connection to the HSCNI Network, Cryptocards, eTokens, User Agreement documentation and accessing FPPS Pharmacy Payments or HSCNI Email.

Please direct all other queries relating to VMS, NIECR and Interpreting Service to the relevant team within the SPPG / BSO and BSO ITS.