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Current Coronavirus Information (COVID-19) Information

FAO: All Optometry Colleagues


Below is the latest information RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated 3rd July 2023

Latest CMO Letters


HSS (MD) 32/2023 – 29.06.2023 – COVID-19 Treatments: Amended Independent Advisory Group Report of Highest Risk Groups

HSS (MD) 15/2023 – 20.03.2023 – JCVI Advice on 2023 COVID-19 Spring Booster Programme and Significant Changes to the Primary Course Offer

HSS(MD) 12/2023 – 01.03.2023 – Preparing for a Spring COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Programme

HSS(MD) 05/2023 – 02.02.2023 – JCVI Advice on 2023 Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

HSS(MD) 51/2022 – 10.11.2022 – Letter to all Frontline Health and Social Care Workers – Encouraging Everyone to be Vaccinated for Influenza and COVID-19 this Autumn/Winter 

HSS(MD) 50/2022 – 08.11.2022 – Updated Covid-19 Testing Guidance to Support Clinical Pathways

HSS(MD) 47/2022 – 29.09.2022 – Update on Advice for Primary COVID-19 Vaccination of Children Turning 5 Years of Age

HSS(MD) 39/2022 – 31.08.2022 – COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Programme for Autumn 2022

HSS(MD) 31/2022 – 14.06.2022 – COVID-19 Spring Booster Vaccination Programme

HSS(MD) 29/2022 – 01.06.2022 – COVID-19 Therapeutic Alert: Antivirals or Neutralising Monoclonal Antibodies (nMABs) for Non Hospitalised Patients with COVID-19

HSS(MD) 28/2022 – 01.06.2022 – COVID-19 Therapeutic Alert: Antivirals and Neutralising Monoclonal Antibodies (nMABs) in the Treatment of Hospital Onset COVID-19

HSS(MD) 20/2022 – 11.05.2022 – COVID-19 Treatments for Non-Hospitalised Patients

HSS(MD) 17/2022 – 04.05.2022 – Updated COVID Testing and Isolation Guidance for Health and Social Care Workers and Guidance on Visitor Testing

HSS(MD) 16/2022 – 20.04.2022 – End of the 2021/22 Flu Season and Related Issues

HSS(MD) 9/2022 – 25.02.2022 – JCVI Update on Advice for Primary COVID-19 Vaccination of Children Aged 5 to 11 Years



Useful Links for Optometrists

Public Health Agency (PHA) 

UK Government Response

PHE Guidance to health professionals

PHE guidance for primary care

College of Optometrists guidance for all home nations

Optometry CPD and Training Webinars and Events


Key Information

Re-establishment of Primary Care Ophthalmic Services – Operational Guidance (v7) (20.01.2022)

Letter from Raymond Curran, HSCB – RE: Lateral Flow Testing for staff within Primary Care settings – confirmation of steps (11.05.2021)

PHE – COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Guidance (21.01.2021)

Letter to Community Optometrists RE: COVID Vaccination (11.01.2021)

Letter to Optometry Contractors RE: Eyecare Service Provision during current COVID-19 Restriction Period (08.01.2021)

Letter to Optometry Contractors RE: Vaccine Programme (07.01.2021)



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