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Customer Helpline

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Customer Stock Delivery and After Sales Information

How to identify your set delivery day and ordering deadline for stock items from PaLS Stock service

Each customer has a set delivery day for receiving stock items from PaLS. Click on the link for more information.

Changes to Customer Stock ordering / delivery arrangements prior to statutory
holiday periods

Any upcoming statutory holiday period requires an adjustment to customer stock order deadlines and / or stock delivery days prior to the holiday period. The changes are required to facilitate the increased activity required in order to process orders placed and deliver goods, which would otherwise have been carried out on the holiday period
Notices are typically loaded here 3-4 weeks prior to the statutory holiday period

After Sales – reporting discrepancies in stock deliveries

When you receive a stock delivery from PaLS, you should check the contents to ensure you have received everything as expected (including correct quantity). Any variances in goods delivered and goods charged for are required to be reported within 2 working days from time of receipt.
If you are unsure who you should report your stock delivery discrepancy to you may contact the PaLS Customer Helpline team in the first instance 028 9536 1301

How to arrange Stock Returns (returns criteria)

Stock ordered from PaLS may be returned on the basis that the following criteria are met:

  • Issues / Received within the past 2 months
  • Fit for re-issue (un-damaged)
  • Whole unit of issue (i.e. no split packs)
  • In original packaging
  • Is currently stocked in PaLS central warehouses
  • Stock line value > £25.00
  • Product has an acceptable re-issue shelf life

Contact your local Customer Services officer to make arrangements to have the request for return processed and goods uplifted, provide your contact name / email address / tel. no. / Product details including the stock provision no. it was ordered against.
*Goods returned without the correct paperwork will be refused *


Summary Customer Helpline Contact Details
Team Details
Central CHL Team 02895 361301
Customer Complaints

Standard Deadlines for Sending Approved Stock Orders (Provisions) Via eProcurement In Time To Allow Delivery On The Expected Delivery Day

All customers have a set delivery day for receiving stock orders from PaLS. In some instances, goods are delivered to “Receipt and Distribution points” for onward local distribution, therefore actual day when goods are received can differ from the Delivery day the goods are despatched by PaLS.

Your Delivery “cycle” number can be found on your Customer Issue Voucher (CIV) which accompanies your stock order.

If you are still unsure of your allocated delivery day contact:

BSO PaLS Customer Helpline staff

Telephone: 02895 361301



Customer Delivery Day Customer Delivery Cycle Deadline for inputting approved Stock orders (Provisions) *This includes the scanning of EMM stores
Monday – AM 7 Wednesday before 3.00PM
Monday – PM 8
Tuesday – AM 9 Thursday before 3.00PM
Tuesday – PM 10
Wednesday – AM 1 Friday before 3.00PM
Wednesday – PM 2
Thursday – AM 3 Monday before 3.00PM
Thursday – PM 4
Friday – AM 5 Tuesday before 3.00PM
Friday – PM 6

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