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General Dental Services Statistics

Information detailed below is derived from the FPS dental payment system. It includes all health service dental treatments carried out in Northern Ireland through the General Dental Services Regulations that are submitted by general dental practitioners to the BSO for payment. This information does not include any dental treatments delivered by Trust based dental services or any treatments carried out privately by health service dentists.

Responsible Statistician:

Jennifer McCrea


Current Annual Publication

Date Published: 22nd June 2023

Date of next release: 20th June 2024

If you have issues accessing the information, it can also be found on the site.

Presents information on dental activity carried out by general dental practitioners in Northern Ireland.  It details information on the number of general dental practitioners in Northern Ireland along with the number of registered patients and the treatments carried out and submitted to BSO for payment.


Quarterly Dental Statistics

Date published: 1st February 2024

Date of next release: 20th June 2024

If you have issues accessing the information it can also be found on the site.

This quarterly series is a subset of the annual information with data provided for selected key tables. The quarterly updates within a year should be treated as provisional and may be revised when figures are finalised to produce the end of year annual report.


General Dental Statistics (GDS) Research Reports

Other GDS research reports that are not classed as Official Statistics can be found by clicking here.


Quality Documentation

Listed below are various documents to support the publication of FPS Dental Statistics.

PDF IconFPS Dental Background Quality Report
PDF IconFPS Dental Quality Assurance of Administrative Data Report

Interactive Maps and Charts

We have capability of providing mapping and interactive analysis within the unit. Below examples have been produced using R Studio. These examples open in a separate browser window, they may take a while to load on certain browsers.

Previous publications

Previous publications for 2017/18 – 2021/23