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General Dental Services (GDS) Research Reports

GDS Payment Analysis: 2011/12 – 2018/19

The information detailed in this release is published to provide an analysis of trends in payments made on behalf of the Health and Social Care Board by BSO’s Family Practitioner Service (FPS) to General Dental Practitioners (GDS) in Northern Ireland between 2011/12 and 2018/19. This analysis was commissioned by the Health and Social care Board (HSCB) to understand in more detail the trend in GDS payments and potential factors that are influencing it.

This report provides a detailed analysis on payments made by gender, age, principal/associate, generalist/specialist; the proportion of earnings from item of service compared to other GDS payment; earnings from health service work compared to private work, and an estimate of whole time equivalent (WTE).

Data contained in the release relates to payments that FPS has been processed on behalf of the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) towards the overall cost of General Dental Services (GDS) in Northern Ireland. A very small proportion (less than 5%) of payments made to GDS dentists, such as probity recovery and  in respect of Emergency Dental Clinics, are processed outside the dental payment system and as such are not included in the analysis. The data excludes private work and work carried out in Trust based dental services, viz. the Community Dental Service and Hospital Dental Services.

Released: February 2021