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Business Services Organisation supports personal development – meet Louise Concannon

19 June 2023

BSO is an organisation that supports further learning and actively encourages personal development.

Don’t take our word for it, take a moment to read Louise’s inspiring journey of how she went back to studying, and continues to further develop her skills.

Meet Louise Concannon, Customer Care and Performance Officer within the Strategic Planning and Customer Engagement Team in the BSO.

Tell us about your background and what led you working at BSO?

My career path has been slightly unconventional, I chose the ‘scenic route’. I left school and home at 16, disillusioned by the constraints of school. I had a very creative side and always enjoyed drawing and painting. So, after settling down and having four children, I decided (at age 32) to go back to education.
I enrolled myself in a HND Fine Art Course and I commuted three hours a day to North West Regional College in Derry. I went on to complete my BA Hons in Fine Art at Ulster University in Belfast. In 2017 I then completed my Masters in Peace & Conflict Studies through Ulster. After a couple of roles in the Community Sector I decided to move into the Public Sector and joined BSO at the end of last year.

Tell us about your current role?

I have been working in BSO for 8 months, my role is focused on customer engagement and performance. Our team is small, with each of us playing a unique and pivotal role within the HSC. We work closely and support the different service areas to deliver a high-quality service for the customers and the HSC.

What do you enjoy about working at BSO?

I have found everyone to be very kind and welcoming, staff and management are very supportive and willing to help. My work is varied and brings me in direct contact supporting and engaging with service areas as well as stakeholders and our customers. There are multiple opportunities to grow and further develop within the organisation, which is very much encouraged by staff and Senior Management. I am currently studying Agile Leadership through the Open University to help me in my role.

What advice would you give to anyone considering further study?

Learning as a mature student has gifted me so many transferrable skills and life lessons such as good communication and management skills. These skills have also been highly transferrable into other areas of my career and personal life.
I would say to anyone thinking of going back to study or re-train to simply go for it. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, however, with good support around you as well as determination and a positive mindset anyone can succeed in new challenges. I didn’t know where my journey was going to take me, but I do know it has been the most amazing experience for me, both professionally and personally.
~ Louise Concannon, Customer Care and Performance Officer, BSO.