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Cancer Focus visit Franklin Street

20 March 2024

Last week, staff from Business Services Organisation (BSO) were visited by Jill, Catrina and Clare from Cancer Focus Northern Ireland. BSO staff had the opportunity to book a free health check and attend a skin scan and information session.

Jill and Catrina met with staff on a one to one basis for a health check, including a body composition analysis. A body composition analysis provides information on muscle mass, body fat and bone density and gives a good indication of physical fitness.
Clare met with groups of staff and presented on the subject of skin protection. This included lifestyle choices that increase the risk of skin cancer and ways to stay safe in the sun. Staff also had the opportunity for a skin scan where areas of existing sun damage could be identified.
Clare highlighted the importance of wearing SPF sun screen every day – regardless of SPF in make up and even when it doesn’t look sunny outside!
Thank you Cancer Focus NI for an interesting and informative day!

Picture 1: Jill and Catrina from Cancer Focus NI
Picture 2: Clare (Cancer Focus NI) presenting on the importance of skin protection
Picture 3: Skin scanner detecting UV damage