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International Women’s Day 2024 meet Julie Erskine, Chair of the Board Business Services Organisation

15 March 2024

Business Services Organisation celebrated IWD International Women’s Day 2024 on Friday 8th March with an introduction to our Chair of the Board, Julie Erskine.

Julie Erskine is a very inspirational and successful woman. When we spoke with her, she spoke openly about her journey to where she is now. Julie talked about the challenges she encountered, guidance on overcoming these and some excellent life advice, useful for everyone at any stage of their career.

Having left school with very few qualifications and no idea what career path she wanted to take, Julie began her first job as a receptionist in a care home. In this video, Julie talks about the importance of self-belief and continuous learning. She mentions the profound impact her first boss had on helping to build her self-confidence and giving her the encouragement to keep learning. Julie is a truly inspirational and successful women who talked about overcoming self-doubt, the importance of hard-work and investing in life-long learning which helped her to get to where she is.

Take a moment to watch Julie’s video here: Julie Erskine International Women’s Day 2024