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Introducing BSO’s Financial Procurement and Logistics (FPL) System Upgrade

8 December 2023

Watch Hrishi Drawid, Head of BSO Business Services Team, discuss the FPL Programme Team’s objectives and the collaborative working that contributed to the success of BSO’s FPL Programme’s extensive upgrades of this complex system.

BSO Business Services Team is part of Directorate of Finance, and works closely with all the Finance and HR teams throughout HSCNI.

Finance, Procurement and Logistics (FPL) System is the system which handles HSCNI’s procurement to pay, order to cash, as well as the warehouse, distribution, accounting and budgeting of the procurement process.

To ensure that BSO’s finance systems are able to withstand the demands of our business in this ever-changing climate, the FPL v6 software underwent extensive upgrades to ensure BSO meets compliance and reporting statutory requirements on a secure platform.

In completing this upgrade our systems are fortified and enhanced, more resilient in respect of cyber security and processes are more streamlined as we gear towards the future system that will be implemented by equip.

During this process BSO Business Services have built a new network by understanding the interactions between different systems and harnessing the strength of the people within the organisation.  Expertise that we look forward to building on further, to ensure BSO can continue to serve the people of Northern Ireland in the years to come.

With special thanks and appreciation to the FPL v6 Upgrade Project Team, HSCNI leadership support (SRO and ELT), BSO ITS and all Regional Focus Groups involved.