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The Northern Ireland Digital Identity Service (NIDIS) Programme Go-Live, sets foundation for Digital Health Programmes and Projects

10 November 2023

This week has been an extremely busy one for new Digital Health Solutions and system Go-Lives, one programme has quietly worked away behind the scenes to put the foundations in, so that all the other programmes can function….including #encompass, #CoreLIMS and #NIPACS+

The Northern Ireland Digital Identity Service (NIDIS) Programme is a significant digital transformation in its own right but also a critical dependency for other major programmes.

Take a moment to meet Dermot Boyle the NIDIS Programme manager and learn more about the work he and his colleagues have been doing.

NIDIS to had to switch over almost a thousand users to the new NIDIS Patient Viewer and around 60 applications connecting through via the new APIs we’ve exposed at the same time.

To date NIDIS has dealt with 265,000 of inbound messages, and has produced 812,000 cleansed and validated messages and has generated over 500 Health and Care Numbers for infants born in the last week and many thousands of patient searches.

NIDIS established the links to encompass established so they are all good for go-live yesterday.

Dermot Boyle commenting on a busy week said; “It hasn’t been an easy week by any measure, but by the end of today if a patient should notify their GP of a change of address or demographic details, it will be validated and cleansed, then communicated to all 8 PAS sites, NPIMS, NIPACS+, NIECR and Encompass in real time from the moment it hits NIDIS.”

AWARD NOMINTATION: As if the teams week as not been busy enough, this evening Dermot and his team will attend the Belfast Telegraph Belfast Telegraph IT Awards 2023, as they have been nominated for the Best Public Sector or Third Sector IT Project.

All of your colleagues at Business Services Organisation (BSO) wish to thank the NIDIS Team for the work you have done this week and historically, which has put ‘the plumbing’ into our digital health services that went Live this week.

Best of luck to you all at the awards tonight.

#BSO #HSCNI #DHCNI #NIDIS #DigitalHealth

Meet Dermot Boyle, BSO Programme Manager for the Northern Ireland Digital Identity Service Programme (NIDIS) by BSO Corporate Communications